A guilt-free Valentine

IMG_1933This post (and the amazing cloud that I saw a couple of weeks ago) is dedicated to all those who conscientiously object to the crass commercialisation of this saint’s day, didn’t receive flowers or chocolates today (but would have liked to), or were too concerned about the unethical and unsustainable practices of some of the people growing the flowers or cocoa beans to buy any.

I love the fact that I had a smartphone with me to take the photo and that the internet allows me to share it with the world. The dog I was walking at the time just did not seem to appreciate it at all!

(See this article by Janise Elle if you are not sure about the ethical practices bit).

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you me dear! I love your photo and it has brightened up my day. xxx

  2. Oh….I actually got flowers this year, but now I feel depressed when I look at them. Amazing heart cloud tho! xx Lu


  1. Slavery, human trafficking & exploitation in Australia today (Not sweet at all – Part 2) | Sustainability soapbox

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