All I wanted for Christmas was some concrete & a few rocks

A pile of concrete greeted me on my return after a recent holiday. 

When I saw my neighbour a few days later, he asked, “Are you happy with the concrete?” What he really meant was, “Were you serious when you said you wanted the concrete if I ever dug up the path to our Hills Hoist?”

I reassured my neighbour that I was delighted with my early Christmas gift and within a couple of weeks it had found a new home beneath my own washing line. Now all I need is some sand so that I can level it when the weather gets a bit cooler.

It takes a surprising amount of brain power to turn a pile of odd-shaped concrete blocks into crazy paving. There are almost limitless possibilities and no wrong or right solutions. It’s even harder when the pieces are all different thicknesses and colours. 

Some people do sudoku or crosswords and go to the gym but I love the satisfaction of having a mind and body workout AND creating a bushfire- and termite-proof path. 

Eventually I also want to replace the remaining railway sleepers with dry stone walls and steps that will provide the native bees and tiny lizards with new homes.

I was thinking that I might ask Santa for another pile of concrete for Christmas – when a friend emailed me to see if I wanted some rocks. (Obviously, I have a reputation for accepting free landscaping materials.) Then I found out that another neighbour is ripping up concrete in his backyard early in the new year – and has sand to spare…

So now I’m planning to ask Santa for a new back fence instead.

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  1. What a fun read, Pip. Beautiful re-purposing of someone else’s refuse. Hope Santa brings you the fence 🙂

  2. Really nice to read about such a brilliant recycling project and the garden is looking great!

  3. I love it! I’ve been collecting flat stones for a path, but had also repurposed some concrete that used to be a walkway I had to have replaced, plus some pieces that were once under the downspouts. (let no good stone go unturned, right?) Some spreading thyme between stepping stones is nice too.

  4. You’re darn funny, without even trying. Nice read.

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