Pardon the water puns

blue-water-bottle-824748Today I attended a conference about sustainable energy, water and waste management in Melbourne and couldn’t resist the temptation to publish a few of my favourite quotes.

Tap into water data

‘We need to tap into big data to facilitate smarter water management. However, we generate so much data nowadays that it’s like drinking from a fire hose.’

Drive change in transport planning

‘Crowdsourcing is being used to fund people-driven initiatives that aim to revalue waterways – such as exploring ways to once again use rivers as transport links within cities.’

Sanitise wastewater terminology

‘We need to clean up our act in terms of jargon, such as ‘recycled effluent’, that we use to discuss wastewater reuse. Effective treatment of public opinion is just as important in building trust as ensuring that the water is safe.’

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  1. I love the puns. And this is a very efficient post, nothing went to waste.

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