Great walls & fences of Australia 2

dingo fence dreamstime_s_4612934Anyone who read my last post about wild dog, dingo, emu and rabbit-proof fences in Australia, will hopefully appreciate the humour in my favourite TV commercial that encourages parents to invest in an Internet connection to help their kids with school projects (watch the full ad here):

“Dad. Why did they build the Great Wall of China?”
“Er… that, that was during the time of the Emperor Nasi Goreng. And, ah… it was to keep the rabbits out. Too many rabbits … in China.”

(Pan to classroom where the misinformed child prepares to give a presentation about China…)

And because no post is truly complete without a reference to music – check out the ‘Great Fences of Australia’ project (here):

‘Many people look at fences and see not much; Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor look and see giant musical string instruments covering a continent.’

Photo credit: © Joern Schulz | 

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