Competition for tree hollows in a suburban backyard

Tree hollow thumbnail 6In case anyone is unconvinced about how serious the competition is for tree hollows in Australia, I have made a short film about something that really happened in my neighbour’s backyard in Canberra yesterday morning!

It also acts as a warning for people thinking of installing a poorly designed nesting box!

To learn more about tree hollows and their occupants (and what might be going on in your backyard) – see my earlier post: A neighbourhood within a neighbourhood – Avian squatters at Eucalypt Hollow.


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  1. Wow! What a great glimpse into a different world – different trees, birds, and animals. It’s like we live in different worlds, not just different hemispheres. Not that there aren’t squatters squabbles here in my yard too, just more familiar ones. Thanks —

    • It is a shame that David Attenborough & others have not done more shows about Australian flora & fauna. I’m ashamed to say that I know very little about them.
      This particular event was quite unusual as possums are nocturnal and would normally be fast asleep at 7am. We only witnessed this because the bottom of the nesting box gave way and my neighbour was looking out of her window at the time!


  1. A neighbourhood within a neighbourhood – Avian squatters at Eucalypt Hollow | Sustainability soapbox

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