Warm Trees 2014 – Dragons, scarves & spiderwebs


The highlight of the ‘Warm Trees’ exhibition (25 July – 31 Aug 2014) at Canberra’s National Arboretum was a single tree on Dairy Farmers’ Hill near the ‘Nest’ sculpture.

Here, some inspired yarn bombers created beautiful silvery cobwebs that glistened in the sunlight and perfectly suited their surroundings.

(This tree was very easy to miss as it was near a bend and was separated from a group of more obviously decorated trees on the other side of the road.)

At the other (northern) end of the Arboretum, a much-publicised ‘dragon’ weaved its way up the hill just above the turn off to the ‘wide brown land’ sculpture.

This unusual display was made up of knitted squares and other shapes attached to insulated structures that were protecting a stand of young trees from the frost.

The dragon’s dark dorsal fins and tail swayed in the wind and its head spewed out spirals of knitted fire onto the grass below (but unfortunately did not help to warm me up).

arboretum warm trees dragon

An icy wind was blowing from the south when I visited, so I headed for the protection of a grove of Himalayan Cedars to the north east of the ‘wide brown land’ sculpture – and only just managed to resist the temptation to borrow a scarf or three!

arboretum warm trees cedars 3When the wind calmed down, I found more yarn bombing on trees to the south of the main car park, seats outside the Village Centre, a maple in the bonsai area, and a fence near the entrance to the Pod Playground – and a few light green Canberra Raiders (rugby league) scarves!

arboretum warm trees compilation 6

While I really enjoyed the walk, sunshine, fresh air and brunch with friends at the cafe, I have seen more artistic examples of yarn bombing elsewhere.

‘Warm Trees’ is exactly (and only) what it claims to be – lots of colourful scarves and squares etc knitted and crocheted by volunteers (with an impressive age range from 5 to 101) and wrapped around trees and other objects.

IMG_4525However,  the exhibition provides a great reason to brave the elements and visit the Arboretum during winter.

The site changes constantly and is home to some fantastic landscaping, sculptures, bonsai and buildings. The views of Canberra and its surroundings are also spectacular.

For more about ‘yarn bombing’, see my earlier post about knitting and crocheting (here).

Photo credits: Pip Marks 2014

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2 replies

  1. Great idea indeed! wonderful crochet work too. It’s like the Beanie festival in Alice Springs last month, beanies came from all over the world.
    Thank you for sharing this Canberra unique event!

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