Sisters unite – my first ever award nomination

Thank you so much to Sandy at Hoarder Comes Clean for a Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award nomination!

I really enjoy reading about Sandy’s efforts to clear out superfluous items – but her posts frequently hit a bit close to home. (I almost expected a comment from her about my own hoarding when I posted a photo of the sheet music to 3 old versions of the same song.)

This hoarder’s diverse interests (including sci fi conventions), travels and past life with an airline continue to surprise me, as do her reflections on sustainability and design while procrastinating by clearing out old spice jars or going to exhibitions (e.g. Eero Saarinen). Or sharing memories triggered while sorting through boxes (or ‘time capsules’ as she calls them) and rediscovering family treasures (such as a crocheted US flag with 48 stars).

Any day now I hope that Sandy’s good example will inspire me to declutter. Given that she was prompted into action by Hurricane Sandy, it may be a while if I wait for a Cyclone Pip to make me start!


Now I get to pass along the Blogger Award with new nominations — first, here are the Rules for new nominees:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Pass on the award to other bloggers and link to them.

4. Let those bloggers know you’ve nominated them.

5. Answer the following questions  (here are my answers)

Your favorite color: leopard print (or raspberry if it really has to be a colour)
Your favorite animal:  definitely dogs
Your favorite non-alcoholic drink: definitely coffee (preferably with friends)
Facebook or Twitter: what’s twitter?
Your favorite pattern:  any animal print (definitely fake though)
Do you prefer getting or giving presents?  giving – especially if I am confident that I have found the perfect gift (I highly recommend this insightful guide to gift giving by the Underground Writer)
Your favorite number:  7
Your favorite day of the week: every day that I wake up fit and healthy
Your favorite flower:  grevilleas (this photo is from my garden)
What is your passion? art & architecture, travel, gardening, new ideas – especially about sustainability


My Nominations:

The Underground Writer: has a way of commenting on everyday and sometimes bizarre things in the US (such as Yankee candles and drive-through funeral homes) and publishing delightful personal stories that make you feel good inside but also a little uncomfortable or reflective (e.g. posts about her first day of school or her angst over changing her kids’ ballet teacher or a hostess who didn’t wash her hands). Literary agents and publishers take note!

The Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife: Veronica’s insights into Sicilian life and stories about her in-laws are a pleasure to read and leave me under no illusions about what to expect when I eventually visit this fascinating island. However, she has put me off ever driving in Italy, made me very conscious of the perils of jealousy (in her post re evil eyes) and convinced me that I need to make sure I keep fit enough to reach the magnificent churches located on high mountain peaks.

Biodiversity Revolution: Alison has been the active blogger for a University of Adelaide (Australia) blog that has gone silent since December.  Alison has a knack for making insects and all sorts of other creatures seem both fascinating and beautiful (e.g. these beetles). From octopus selfies to videos about what the fox said – her posts were like a quick fix of David Attenborough to start off the week and left me amazed and uplifted by the incredible natural world in which we live. I do hope that this blog can also arise from the smouldering ashes like the phoenix species that Alison wrote about!

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  1. I am beyond flattered by your kind words. Thank you Pip! And you should know that yesterday at the gym I saw an empty water bottle in the garbage. Seriously people? I plucked it out and tossed it in the recycling container that was a mere 3 feet away.

  2. Thank you for the kind words and links — and I love that photo of grevilleas (which I’ve never seen or heard of). Now I’m thinking too about my favorite coat with leopard-print collar and matching hat, from years ago. No, I don’t still have them or even a photo, but it’s fun to remember. — Sandy

  3. … and forgot to say, I look forward to checking out the bloggers you’ve nominationed.

  4. Thank you for the award… and also for the other blogs you recommend, which really are great!

  5. Reblogged this on The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife and commented:
    I feel very happy and flattered to have received “The Sisterhood of the World Blog Award” from Pipmarks. Thank you… and I hope my blog followers will explore her other recommendations!

  6. Congratulations V!! Well deserved.


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