We should not underestimate the potential for sound to affect us both psychologically and physiologically.

Sounds can soothe us, inspire us or stress us out. They can also evoke memories and emotions – in the same way as sights and smells.

Is the difference between noise and music just a matter of maths? Or intention? Or enjoyment?

If I love the following sounds – does that make them music?

  • the barista grinding fresh coffee beans and making me an expresso
  • sitting on a veranda listening to magpies and other birds singing at dawn over my first cup of coffee
  • crickets chirping on a balmy summer evening (the sound made by running one serrated wing over the other) 
  • the roar of the crowd at the cricket when a wicket falls (usually right at the moment that you chose to go to the toilet after nothing had happened for hours – see my last post re cricket)
  • gentle rain falling on a tin roof 
  • kookaburras and people laughing
  • mail arriving in my inbox (Click on ‘Like’, ‘Follow’ or ‘Share’ now!)
  • trams rattling by in Melbourne
  • deadlines as they go whooshing past. (Just joking – that was Douglas Adams – not me??!!)

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  1. I hope you are doing your work???

    Jenny Marks
    160 Bridport Street
    Albert Park, 3206
    0417 556905


  2. Read Steven Mithen, “The Singing Neanderthals” to see how important music is in our lives, also Oliver Sacks, “Musicophilia”

  3. I hope you’re playing a lot more than you’re working, enjoy the sweet sounds of the Australia Concert.

  4. You made me laugh about the espresso (I’m like a cat with the can opener about that sound). And good book suggestions in the replies too — thanks!

  5. we can post each other’s article on sound if you like, Pip? Roseline x

    • Hi Roseline
      I am planning another post re sounds and one on feng shui so am sure I will manage to work in links to one or both of yours re sound at some stage. I’d rather do that than a reblog.
      Cheers Pip


  1. Eco-sounds « Pip Marks

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