How to get what you want

Base jump and skyIn the words of the great philosopher (singer) Joe Jackson ‘You can’t get what you want ’til you know what you want!’

We are often told to work out what we want and write it down – but how many of us actually do it?

I thought about this when a work colleague recommended a great song called ‘Live like you were dying’ by Tim McGraw.

I thought about it again when I saw a post called ‘Before I die I want to…’*

While I am not likely to try sky diving, mountain climbing or bull riding as Tim McGraw’s song suggests, I do think we should take the time to reflect on what is important in life and start ticking items off our bucket list long before we work out just how much (or little) time we have left on this earth in good health.


* ‘Before I Die’ is an interactive global art project started by an artist in New OrleansVisit this site for her story, details of ‘Before I die…’ walls all around the world (including Sydney and Melbourne), and how you can start a wall where you live.

The idea is that you find a wall, paint it with blackboard paint (after obtaining the appropriate approvals), use a downloadable stencil to paint ‘Before I die I want to ….’ multiple times on the wall, and stock it with chalk to encourage passersby to fill in the rest of the sentence and publicly share their hopes and dreams.

Photo Credit: Trevor Coe – Savannah, GA

Before I Die photo credit: Trevor Coe – Savannah, GA

Base jumping photo credit: © Lpgiraud |

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  1. Wow. The “Before I die, I want to … cure cancer” and “Before I die, I want to … change someone’s life” on the Before I die Wall was beautiful. Kind of makes the comments like the “Before I die, I want to … skydive and have sex at the same time” and “Before I die … I want to be rich” sound shallow and not at all funny.


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