IMG_1117Is it better to understand or overstand?

What is the opposite of benefits? Disbenefits?

What would change in the world if more people were gruntled and fewer were disgruntled?

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  1. I absolutely love these playful, yet profound, questions! (I had to look up ‘gruntled’ as I have never heard the opposite of ‘disgruntled’ used before—happy or contented; satisfied.) Thank you for this. Here are a couple of pieces you might enjoy:



  2. Just a couple of days ago I worried whether ‘evitable’ could be a word. I suppose it’s inevitable that it’s not.

  3. I just discovered your reply! (and I’m happy for you to use it). I remember the book “The Mother Tongue” by Bill Bryson has mention of quite a few more words like that. I’ll have to take a look for my copy.

    • I’ve never heard of this book before. Might look out for it – but unfortunately the reader reviews say there are quite a few errors esp re non-English languages (e.g. Apparently he claims that Finnish doesn’t have any swear words…whereas they have some of the best I have come across!)


  1. Don’t throw out your scrabble set! (Locative literature Part 2) | Sustainability soapbox

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