When life gives you rubbish…


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Check out this video about a music school at a slum in Paraguay. The instruments are made from oil drums, crates, tin cans, plastic pipes and other waste scavenged from the landfill.

Before I saw this, I thought rubber tyre swans were pretty impressive – but this is really fantastic!

To donate or find out more, visit their website about the upcoming movie (this is the trailer).

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2 replies

  1. A very inspiring video!
    Let me know how I can help.
    Jason Carr

  2. Hi Jason
    I found it inspiring as well but am not involved. They are encouraging people to spread the word and share the trailer through Facebook and blogs etc. You can volunteer to help or donate to support a world tour to promote the film at: http://www.creativevisions.org/get-involved/cap/landfill-harmonic. Check out their latest at: https://www.facebook.com/landfillharmonicmovie.
    Cheers Pip

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