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© Nvelichko |

Earlier this year my family went to Bali. I chose not to go along as Bali had never really appealed to me as a holiday destination. Then I read an article in a travel magazine that helped me to understand the appeal of this exotic Indonesian island – especially the luxury resorts of the highlands.*

The author described waking up in her hotel room to find flower petals and rice scattered over her laptop. Apparently the staff were offering a blessing to the gods to fix the Internet connection that had gone down the night before.

Even the scarecrows in the rice fields are there to wave to the gods in the hope of a good crop (not to scare away the birds).

* ‘Bali Bliss’ by Dimity Noble in International Traveller Issue 3 (Jan/Feb 2013)

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  1. Maybe I should advise my computer technology clients of to scatter flowers over their computers when they don’t work. If that doesn’t work, then they would call me ;-)!


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